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Being happy and taking responsibility for your actions

In this interview Ronit Baras talks about being happy and her life coaching work. She begins by talking about the differences in working with younger and older clients. She goes on to describe the "free flow" approach she uses as well as the structured approach which helps people take control of their lives.

The value of the structured approach

Using a structured program Ronit created with her husband, she helps her clients go through a process of developing their awareness, motivation and control over their life. The program also allows her clients to coach others around them in being happy with the help of workbook exercises they have done.

She goes on to talk about using relationship coaching in helping midlifers attain physical, mental and spiritual balance in their. She concludes the interview by telling us about her new publications, the new website she's developing and the parenting blog she is constantly building.

About Ronit Baras

Ronit Baras Ronit has done many things under many hats and titles. She is a partner to her husband, Gal, a life coach himself, and a mother to three wonderful children. She teaches kids with learning difficulties, gifted children, and university students as well as language, math and emotional intelligence courses. She's a journalist, an author of Be Special, Be Yourself for Teenagers, a public speaker, a workshop facilitator, and a community worker, helping to connect people - an impressive list of hats indeed. With every cell of her body, she is a happy and proud educator.

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