Aleks Srbinoski offers his unique view of authentic happiness building on the concepts of positive psychology, flow and emotional intelligence.

In this interview, Aleks Srbinoski, well-versed in authentic happiness, is founder of the new online radio show, The Fulfilling Happiness Edge.

A specialist in authentic happiness, Aleks shares his unique blend of being simple, having fun, and engaging in experiential learning to achieve success and happiness.

In the interview, Aleks describes how he became a success and happiness psychologist. He also explains how notions from Seligman’ work in positive psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ideas on flow, and Goleman’s thinking on emotional intelligence influenced him.

He describes his unique contribution to the field of happiness. He looks at some of the key notions in his e-book, Motivation Now; Productivey and persuasion secrets for modern-day excellence and effectiveness.

About Aleks Srbinoski

Aleks Srbinoski Aleks Srbinoski is a clinically trained Success and Happiness Psychologist. He is a leading expert on Fulfilling Happiness and author of the Success Secrets Series collection of books and training programs and creator of one of the most comprehensive self-development programs ever created, The Fulfilling Happiness System.

He is also known for his radio show The Fulfilling Happiness Edge, where he interviews best-selling business and self-development authors and offers life coaching advice. Having a background in creative writing, theatre and comedy, Aleks often adds a few creative and playful segments to each show.

For a limited time only, Aleks is offering free training videos, books, newsletters and more valued at more than $100 if you sign up now at Happiness Edge.

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