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In the Alex kjerulf interview, Alex shares what he considers to be the essential ingredients to being happy at work.

Alex Kjerulf interview

In the Alex Kjerulf interview, he refers to himself as the world’s leading expert on happiness at work. He has long known that happiness at work is the most important factor that contributes to good careers, happy lives and business success. In the interview, he emphasizes how our frame of reference in regard to work determines our happiness and success.

In the Alex Kjerulf interview, he includes a valuable insight for midlifers and beyond who deal with ageism at work.

Dr. Fred Alex, after seeing your picture on your website I have this burning question. Where do you buy your shirts? More seriously, how did you become the Chief Happiness Officer?

Dr. Fred What does happiness at work mean? Why does it matter?

Dr. Fred What makes people happy?

Dr. Fred What do you mean by “doing good at work" and how does it relate to the work of Michael Bungay Stanier, who speaks about “great work”?

Dr. Fred In much of the personal development domain, a common piece of advice for those of us who want to be fully expressed and fulfilled is to take on a "big game." What's your take on this?

Dr. Fred In my experience, small business owners tend to feel stressed and isolated. What sabotages their happiness is they’re left to deal with their internal dialogue or self-talk. How would you suggest that they develop the experience of being happy?

Dr. Fred What do you see as the major concerns of senior workers in the work place and how would you address their fears of ageism?

Dr. Fred It's time to wrap up. Alex, give us some information where our listeners can find out more about your work, website, writings, and anything else you'd like to share.

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