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Seeing adversity as a friend, as a blessing in disguise

Al Weatherhead

An interview with
Al Weatherhead

Al Weatherhead, is author of The Power of Adversity: Tough times can make you stronger, wiser, and better.

Dr. Fred and Dr. Frank asked Al why he wrote the book and what lessons we can learn from it.

Dr. Fred Why did you choose to write your book, The Power of Adversity? Tell us what you mean by adversity. And what's the main premise of the book?

Dr. Frank In one of the testimonials to the book, Dr. Delos M. Cosgrove, says that your book - and I quote - "is packed with nuggets of wisdom." Please share two or three nuggets with our listeners.

Dr. Fred In your book, you share four techniques to harness the power of adversity. Would you briefly share what they are?

Dr. Frank In the very first chapter of the book, you say that "we weren't meant to be happy ... we're meant to grow." Tell us what you mean by that?

Dr. Fred You seem to emphasize that dealing with adversity isn't about focusing on our identities/egos but is more a function of getting our attention off of ourselves. Would you please share your views on this?

Dr. Frank You lay great emphasis upon continuing to work and be socially active. You are a major contributor to top US universities. Say a few words about your philanthropic work and what it means to you. Why do you believe this is so important?

Dr. Fred What lessons can Third Agers like Dr. Frank and myself learn from you?

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