Midlife Happiness, not Midlife Crisis

Happiness After Midlife with Midlife crisis coping Dr. Frank Bonkowski
is not about midlife crisis but rather midlife happiness, health and prosperity from my unique perspective
as a Happy Midlifer.

  • Are you seeking to lead a happy, fulfilling life?
  • Do you want to have a healthy lifestyle?
  • MidLife Health:

    You already know the importance of eating a well-rounded diet to keep your body fit and healthy as you get older. Every day you need to take in certain nutrients that your body can't produce on its own. While it can't replace a healthy diet, a daily Geritol Multivitamin is an easy way to round out your nutrient-intake.

  • Is your goal to live well?
My mission is to teach skills and strategies to midlifers and beyond - through my blog, expert articles and interviews - to take responsibility for their personal and professional lives.

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The learning center and resources I provide assist you in taking charge of your life now as well as creating an extraordinary future for yourself.

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Here are two e-courses that I and my team designed and developed. I also participated in content creation.

Shifting Gears at Midlife: Creating an Extraordinary Future by Dr. Fred Horowitz and Dr. Frank - a highly recommended 5-week multimedia e-course that frees you from the past and offers you the capacity to have greater freedom, power and fulfillment in your life right now.

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Discover Your Confidence by Monique Pambrun - a two-part multimedia e-course running 12 weeks that gives you the tools to build and maintain your confidence.

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I'd love hearing from you - comments, suggestions, success stories - whatever is on your mind.

SEARCH the website www.happiness-after-midlife.com for topics that interest YOU.


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Free Gift
Free Gift from Happiness After Midlife
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